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CES was formed in 2007 to provide bespoke energy services to the gas, power and renewables sector.

“The company has provided consultancy services to many blue chip companies in the UK and North America including RWE Npower, Centrica Plc, Cofely, Imerys and Sita UK.”

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Distributed Energy

The vertically integrated gas and power utility model struggles to compete in today's markets; the added costs for the distribution of energy together with the additional green tax levies has changed the way consumers wish to purchase and consume energy.   This in turn is changing the way utilities view their customers.  Getting closer to the point of energy consumption, forming partnerships with large or multiple smaller users is the challenge for many companies.

Dist Energy .GIFHaving an embedded form of power generation and the ability to optimise energy consumption at peak times can dramatically reduce energy costs.  This allows the intermittant generation or demand side response of electricity to offset TRIADS and other peak based charges and tariffs.  

CES can assist with the initial evaluation of options available to any commercial organisation or industrial site. Having consideration of how National Grid are incentivising Aggregators to offer Demand Side Response Services accessing smaller (behind the meter) power sources and knowing the optimal balance for this is key to making the right decision.

This is a fast moving area with regulatory changes being proposed to ensure embedded generation and demand side reponse services are not over compensated, therefore any investment decision needs to risk assess the impact of any likely changes.


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